Foster (Hong Kong) Engineering Services Co., Ltd is a well-established specialist in the field of building services, and installation since 2003.


What is Foster capable of?


We participated in a lot of major projects ranging from Institutional to Telecommunications. For example, we worked with the Urban Renewal Authority, Hong Kong Housing Society.


Why should I choose Foster?


First of all, we take pride in our small scale. In this way, we are able to be more efficient and careful without going through a lot of procedures.


More importantly, we have QUALITY and RELIABILITY engraved on us. Our employees put effort and devoted themselves in every single project that we are responsible for.

Other than that, we are up to trend. Foster commits improvement of quality to suit the market needs.

So, What kind of services does Foster have?

We offer quite an amount of services, and here they are:

  1. Design and Installation

  2. Mechanical, Ventilation and AC Services

  3. Electrical Services

  4. Fire Services

  5. Plumbing and Drainage System Services

  6. Operation and Maintenance Services

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